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Hyundai has long been an advertiser during Super Bowl broadcasts, but 2016 marks the first time the carmaker is an official Super Bowl sponsor. And apparently they aren’t taking their new role lightly! Hyundai is slated to run no fewer than four commercials on Super Bowl Sunday!

Now, to be clear, only two of the Hyundai ads will air during the actual broadcast of Super Bowl 50, so only two of them count as actual Super Bowl ads. But the company is running a minute-long ad during the pregame show and another 60-second spot shortly before kickoff. Add that to its pair of 30-second Super Bowl commercials, and you can see that Hyundai is making a full court marketing press here! Yeah, wrong sports metaphor… um, just pretend we said something about a blintz instead. Er, a blitz. Sorry, writing while hungry.

While we don’t yet have eyes on the actual Hyundai Super Bowl 50 commercials, we know one (see the teaser above) stars Ryan Reynolds…


…and one features Kevin Hart. Oh, and we have lot of teasers for ya! Like this one. Careful, young man…

Or this breathless and mysterious teaser: