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Apple has not run a Super Bowl commercial in years (in fact, their last Super Bowl ad was in 1999!), and the company hardly needs help with its product positioning, its market penetration, or its brand recognition – just take a look around your house (or your pockets!) and see if at least one iPod, iPhone, Mac, or other Apple product can’t be found. So why would this world-renowned tech company be considering a Super Bowl commercial?

One good reason might be to commemorate the 30th anniversary of their famous “1984” commercial, which, as we have previously discussed, is still considered by many to be the best Super Bowl ad of all time. Another reason might be to celebrate the success of the company overall, largely due to the fact that said iconic commercial was announcing the release of the very first Macintosh computer, an operating system that, over the ensuing decades, has become one of the most successful pieces of technology ever.

While we have no confirmation of a Super Bowl XLVIII Apple ad, we certainly have a strong hint in the form of Tweets from a man named Lee Chow. Who is Mr. Chow? Oh, just one of the creative minds behind the famous Mac commercial celebrating its thirtieth birthday this year…