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Every year we look forward to the M&M’S Super Bowl commercial. Their spot is a reliable favorite for good comedy, and based on the teaser we just got our hands on, this year’s spot will be no exception. While we don’t know what exactly is going to happen in the commercial, we know it is all about the Yellow M&M. That’s right… the peanut is finally getting some Super Bowl respect!

Mars releases a Super Bowl commercial focused on the Yellow M&M as the logical conclusion of a year-long marketing campaign centered around the theme “Year of Peanut.” They held a huge gala event in Atlanta on New Year’s Eve (lots of peanuts come from the Atlanta area, you see) and the company is touting the fact that only one out of a hundred peanuts meets their standards to be used in a Peanut M&M. Though we’re guessing that’s based mostly on size, not other quality criteria…

Anyway, the time has come to celebrate the peanut M&M; soon tens of millions of viewers will be treated to this year’s M&M’S Super Bowl commercial, and we certainly hope it’s a good one. (And while we’re sure Yellow is thrilled to finally take center stage, it looks like a rather painful start to his Super Bowl stardom: check out the teaser and you’ll see why!)